Parallel k-means Project Update

February 10, 2013

Busy times at my workplace at BMW - yet, there are some updates with regard to the parallel k-means project. Besides extending the functionality of the matrix and vector classes, I implemented a new k-means initialization method which is known as KKZ initialization. The main characteristic is its deterministic nature in contrast to the random approaches which have been already implemented. Using this initialization scheme, the k-means algorithm always results in the same cluster assignments - given that, for each run, the same dataset is applied. The reason for its inclusion in the parallel k-means library are the good experiences I gained throughout several projects I tackled during my PhD period. For downloading the new version, please visit the Project page.

About Me

Got interested? See some facts about my academic and indus- trial career here.

Introducing myself

January 20, 2013

For those who are interested in my professional career I arranged some facts which I summarized in the About Me section. Besides the obligatory curriculum vitae you'll find there some information about the tasks I handle at BMW, the most important periods of my life (both science and industry-related), an abstract of my PhD thesis covering the topic of autonomous terrain classification and clustering, and a list of publications which I've written during my time as scientific researcher at the University of Tübingen.

Projects - here they come!

January 20, 2013

Christmas was effetive - not only with regard to presents. Beyond that, I also published some of my projects I have completed over the years. Taking a brief look at the selection, it seems quite motley - a number detection program, a video stream cartoonizer, a photo collage generator, a singular value decomposition (SVD) decomposition library, and a (not yet parallel) k-means library. At least the first three projects demonstrate that (more or less) scientific work does not have to be boring at all. And if you have ever become aware of the mathematical beauteousness of a singular value decomposition you'll never want to get along without it again!

A Fresh Start

September 23, 2012

Good day everyone and welcome to my newly arranged Web site. Here, you do not only find information about my academic and industrial achievements but also the latest activities with regard to my programming hobby. During my employment as research scientist at the Department of Cognitive Systems of the University of Tübingen I was always facinated by the implementation of novel algorithms in real world domains such as autonomous terrain classification and engine state detection. Since several interesting papers have left the research pipeline since then, I'm curious to see how these techniques compete with the ones I developed and implemented in my PhD thesis.